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Why You Should Choose Your Hairstyle According To Your Face Shape


Mar 28, 2019 News Comments are off

Most guys probably had a rather restricted choice of hairstyle during their childhood, opting between either a bowl cut or short back and sides.

As a result, it can take some men a while to realise there is a huge range of hairdos out there they can choose from, and some of the most usual ones might not actually flatter their features at all.

Indeed, it is not just girls who need to consider their face shape when choosing their hairstyle, but guys too. For instance, we might all want Harry Styles’ shaggy mop, but if we haven’t got the jawline for it, this could prove to be a big – and rather embarrassing – fail.

An article in Men’s Health looked at what different hairstyles guys should go for according to their face shape to help lads head in the right direction.

It stated that the French Crop – short back and sides and choppy layers on top – was best suited to those with a defined jawline and high cheekbones.

Unless this sounds like you, it is best left to celebs such as Zayn Malik from One Direction to pull this look off.

But even more standard styles such as the High and Slick – which is much like the French Crop but with a close cut on top as well – do not look good on everyone.

According to the magazine, guys with square jawlines and only a three-finger forehead suit this look best.

If you need help determining what new style to go for, pop into our Halifax barbers and we’ll find the perfect cut for you.