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Top Facial Hair Trends Of 2019


Jan 21, 2019 News Comments are off

Many people begin their New Year’s Resolutions at this time of the year, but not everyone is keen on doing Veganuary or embarking on a new fitness regime. That is why you might instead make 2019 the year you take charge of your facial hair, and sport a new style that will transform your look.

For inspiration, here are the hottest beard trends to watch this year.


– The Terminal Beard

Beard have been popular for a long while now, but as time has gone on, they have become bigger and better.

That is why 2019 is all about growing the longest beard you can, only stopping when your hair actually reaches its natural maximum length. This is known as the ‘terminal beard’ and does not look the same for any two guys.

This could be the ultimate challenge of the year, and you might even see in 2020 with a beard bigger than you can imagine.


Floral beards

This is a trend particularly favoured by grooms. While brides have a traditional bouquet of flowers on their wedding day, grooms can now add a floral element to their look by attaching tiny buds on to their facial hair.

Not only does this help grooms fit in with the floral scheme, but it certainly makes for interesting wedding photos.

If you think this might be a look you want to adopt on your wedding day, look up the hashtags #flowerbeards or #beardflower.


– Balbo

A beard that needs some designing is the Balbo, favoured by the likes of British actor Christian Balbo. This involves having sideburns shaved off, so there is space between your hairline and the beard itself.

Another feature of this look is to disconnect the moustache from the beard, so it appears as if it is floating. Keep cheeks and your neck well-shaved, so the attention is predominantly on a strong moustache and a thick beard along your chin line.

For help creating your ideal beard this year, come to expert barbers in Hipperholme to design the right look for your face shape.