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Tips On How To Fill In Patchy Beards


Apr 4, 2019 News Comments are off

Not all guys can grow thick, full-bodied beards easily, and many will be able to relate to having those unsightly patches that never seem to fill in.

If this sounds like you, here are some useful tips on how to fix those bald spots in no time.


– Hide it

The easiest thing to do to fix the problem of a patchy beard is simply to hide it. You can do this by letting your hair grow without any trims. This will allow you to brush it over the balder areas until the hair here also starts to thicken up.

Alternatively, you can forget about a full beard and embrace the stubbly look. This easily helps to disguise those patches, as the rest of your beard is kept short as well.


– Brush it

Brushing a beard is actually very important, as it helps to boost the hair’s natural oils, which encourages growth. What’s more, brushing your beard makes it look fuller and adds volume to it, so it spreads out more and is able to cover the bald patch without anyone being any wiser.


– Diet

If you’re serious about encouraging beard growth, it could be a good idea to change your diet and lifestyle.

Dermatologist at Modern Dermatology in Seattle Carly Roman told Fatherly.com that keeping hydrated, sleeping eight hours a night, and eating proteins and vitamins will stimulate hair follicles and encourage cell regeneration by providing them with the right nutrients.

Once your patches are a bit more covered up, you can head to barbers in Halifax and we can give your beard the right style to suit you.