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Simple Fixes For Common Hair Problems


Mar 1, 2019 News Comments are off

We’ve all been there, having hair that just won’t do quite what you’re asking of it. Whether it’s your barnet or your beard, it can be frustrating. But don’t worry, there are some relatively simple things you can do to combat some of the most common hair issues.

Fashion Beans recently ran through a few of them, and we think they’re worth sharing. For instance, maybe your side parting tends to look messy and unruly. The reason for that is probably because you’re expecting your hair to do something that doesn’t come naturally.

To rectify this problem, make sure you try parting your hair on both sides and see which way it naturally falls. If your hair length is uneven between the sides and the top, you might need to pop to your barber shop in Halifax to get this sorted, but then a quick blast with a hairdryer should sort your parting in the morning.

Another hair problem that will require the help of a barber is an overgrown crown. This means the hair on the top of your head tends to grow quicker than the sides. We know, it’s annoying.

However, it’s not that difficult to fix. Next time you get your haircut, get a tapered do. You want to ask your barber to taper the hair towards the back – although if you just tell us that you struggle with an overgrown crown we’ll know what to do.

If you have issues with a patchy beard, meanwhile, you can do wonders with a bit of clever clipping. Don’t feel as though you need to shave off your facial hair – especially as recent research shows it makes men more attractive – you can use tapering to help the thinner patches blend in with the rest of your beard.